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Oh no they didnt!

Have you ever had a client fall asleep on you while doing their hair? How did it make you feel? If I had a dollar every time it happens to me i'd be "damn near" rich. Here's the way I look at it in high respects, I take it as one of thee highest compliments you can give a hairstylist. I believe it says I trust you! I mean think about nobody falls to sleep in a car with an awful driver NO matter how sleepy you are now am I right? So from this day forward instead of getting upset or aggravated, feel complimented. They trust you enough to completely leave themselves in your hands literally. LOL. They are showing you they feel comfortable enough around you to completely relax; they trust your skills, they trust the style will fit them and they're trusting you to not let them hit the floor. LOL. BUT SERIOUSLY, I just wanted to give a different outlook to an aggravating situation.

~with care

Meekah Reigns

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