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Happy Birthday

“Don’t count the candles, enjoy the day!”

Is all I can think to myself as my birthday is rapidly approaching.

Every year, I like to take a few days before my birthday and reflect on how I spent he year and how to improve Me. This year has definitely been one for the books. I am thankful for life and God sustaining me. I am thankful for everyone of my clients (loyal ones and new). I am most thankful for y’all, allowing me to live my dream and express my passion for hair.

Usually I would celebrate my birthday with a slice of cake but this year….. I want to celebrate with YALL! Instead of a slice of cake, I'm slicing product price!

For the next week and a half celebrate with me by getting Luxurious combo product (hair oil and spray) for $15. at checkout enter discount code : haircare .

Bonnets 2/$30

Bundles and wig discounts up to $50 off! Code: birthday


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