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Healthy Hair is the START!

I know most people are ALL about healthy, in particular "healthy hair". Healthy hair start with a healthy SCALP. For professional purposes (I want to say),The scalp should be clean and free of debris. It is a part of the skin and should be treated as such. Like our skin....THE SCALP,  should be properly cleansed, moisturized and oiled.

A healthy scalp is an essential key pertaining to hair growth. As I write this.... I remember as a kid believing that my hair grew better when it was dirty, LOL.. I know, YUCK! right? Well... right and wrong, a dirty scalp is a bad thing for hair growth because it can build up and clog your pores or hair follicles which could cause pimples in the head or worst stunt hair growth. The "dirt" which is usually just oil our body create (to protect our skin)isn't a bad thing for the hair strand. However, Oil on hair strands work as a coating or protectant for the hair strand and can limit or minimize dryness and breakage.  

In my professional opinion with winter’s drier months coming, we should be adding extra protection for slippage of hair due to the friction of coats, hats and scarves that can dry our hair out even more.

During the winter months it's very important to keep your hair moisturized and oiled. We want to recommend some products to help keep your hair healthy during the dry winter months.

1. Luxurious Hair Care's

Luxurious Hair Alchemy Oil to promote hair growth(longer and thicker), retain length, seal in moisture and add shine.

Luxurious Hair Freshener to freshen hair's scent, detangle and moisturize hair.

2. Carol's Daughter Leave-in conditioner (Black Vanilla).

3. Dove shampoo & conditioner

(inexpensive), Kenra Moisture Shampoo & conditioner(higher priced)

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