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It’s the month of LOVE!

This month I want to encourage you to LOVE YOURSELF & OTHERS MORE!

Due to ALL of our situations and circumstances, We are all struggling, striding, and surviving some way or another. With the pandemic has us all taking losses and gains at the same time causing emotional and mental uproar. Some of us have outlets and some are suffering silently.

I want us to be more intentional with showing each other LOVE even in the slightest way as(holding a door open or saying thank you). We often forget how it’s the small things that make us feel appreciated, encouraged and LOVED. We never know how a small gesture or kind words can uplift your world or another person’s, so let’s let that be the aim….UPLIFT!

We have to remember….. how we love others should be a reflection of how we love ourselves. So be sure to SELF CARE IT WILL MAKE OTHER CARE(caring for other) MUCH EASIER!

XOXO —Luxurious Hair Spa


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